initially published November 15, 2005
last updated - 02 April 2011

10.1 General
Clearly outlined procedures should be reviewed legally then written format given to Alumni Associations and Students @ APX

Long history of damages go back to Caroline Pelley and Greg Pelley.

Example: Roof, windows, autos, regular party debris, personal close calls (Caroline, Vicki,...)

10.2 Method of corrective measures
1. Keep premises in good property maintenance appearance. When legal issues occur, police and City officials need to visibly see that damages have occurred.
2. An attorney for APX must be consulted: History of problem; individual injury liability and insurance coverage; damages to Auto, site, chapter house and annex
3. Who needs to see what:
+ City of Champaign (NOT U of I Police) require positive identification. See Lt. Nearing memo at #8 below.
+ U of I – Adviser for University approved housing (need to get contact name. Originally contact Wendy Smith no longer with office) of U of I Office for Student Conflict Resolution (see attached memo from Hanibal/Phil incident). 11/13/02
+ U of I – Student (individual only) legal aide – Free services
4. Prevention Possibilities
+ Video Surveillance and monitor with night vision and recorder (+/-)$3500 for 2 cameras. See drawing for camera angles.
+ Round balcony elevation drawing which correlates to Apartment number (Mary Booth has given APX Apt. # and we need her manager's phone number to post, copy and distribute.
+ Advanced notice to Round Balcony tenants on APX side.
+ Security exterior lights – inconvenience
5. Indirect impact on Landlord/increased expenses
+ Owner is afraid building inspectors will review her building again (See Caroline/fire department/City of Champaign meeting) Life Safety/PM violations
+ Required balcony enclosures/increase expense
+ Law suite/she has big attorney too.
6. Group Effort
+ Fire department, Illinois Power Company, KDR, TEP, her own tenants on 1st floor and auto damage to round balcony tenants and Neighborhood services all have issues with this building. Organize these groups.
7. Small incident to big problems:
+ Notify tenant while damages are occurring. Beer bottles, cigarette butts, trash with written notice; (possibly with police). These tenants can come over next day and clean-up or notify Office for Student Conflict Resolution where all tenants on lease at apartment in questions could be encumbered and up to fined. Get photos of damage and person with unit identified.
+ “See person”: You can positively ID person – call police- request written report; name of police officer and report number. Make sure to get report number when officer is on site.
+ Know apartment unit only (while party in progress) notify police for report then turn over to Office for Student Conflict Resolution
+ Maintain log of ALL incidents by APX security officer.
8. Additional Information:
+ Champaign Police: Holly Nearing is South District Commander and knows the issues.
+ Office for Student Conflict Resolution: Associate Dean of Students Richard W. Justice, Executive Director. Http://
+ University of Illinois Student Code of Conduct:

10.3 Draft Letter to Round Balconies

Date:October 1, 2005

To:Residents of 1107 South Second Street


Historically, neighbors of 1107 South Second Street, namely Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity have had major problems with debris of all kinds being thrown from the balconies of your apartment building by previous tenants and guests onto our roof damaging roof tiles, gutters, windows, and private vehicles in parking lot causing hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage throughout the years. Each time that this happens, the police have been notified.

In order to try to prevent further damage we are installing security cameras on our property in order to document any future incidents. This letter is to inform you of our plans so that collectively we can work together to alleviate any future conflicts.

After discussions with the Police Department and a representative of the Office for Student Conflict Resolution, we request that our residents report any problems. Below are the measures that we intend to take:

1. For general littering, [examples being beer bottles, gum, cigarette butts, trash, being thrown on our property], we will inform those responsible with a written notice. If those notified come over the next day and cleanup, the issue could be considered resolved. If any damage occurs to building, vehicles in our parking lot or premises, a police report will be filed. A copy of the report will also be sent on to the Office of Student Conflict Resolution. Excessive litter may be considered as intent to vandalize.

2. If person responsible for the damage can positively identified, we will contact the Police Department for individual prosecution. All lease parties may be held responsible legally.

3. If only apartment unit is known (i.e., while party in progress) the police will be notified for filing a report legal purposes, and the report will be turned over to Office for Student Conflict Resolution. The OSCR does not need to know exactly who is responsible, just the apartment number. Those on the lease will then be subject to possible University sanctions; regardless if the damage has been caused by a guest. All lease parties may be held responsible legally.

4. Any vandalism, i.e. bricks, blocks bottles, or any projectiles will be prosecuted.

Should you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact your landlord to discuss this with us.

Very truly,

Anthemios Control Corporation

Champaign Police Department: ATTN: Lt. Holly Nearing
Office for Student Conflict Resolution: ATTN: Dean Justice

10.4 Update to Letter to Round Balconies

On Thu, Sep 24, 2009, Brian D. Farber, Associate Dean of Students Director, Office for Student Conflict Resolution, forwarded a letter from the Control Corporation Bankier Apartments.