initially published November 15, 2005
last updated - 28 Jan 2007

9.1 General
A 5 year time extension for code upgrade has been voted on by City of Champaign for Fraternity/Sorority occupancies. Variance options might be possible upon application. See attached “Code extension letter” corrections due in 2008.

If sprinkler is install numerous BOCA code “adjustments” are permitted such as number of exits, and fire rating of buildings systems.

When the historic nature of APX is studied with regard to automatic fire suppression; many design and aesthetic considerations will be required to be evaluated with Board consensus: exposed vs. concealed and service entry, type of sprinkler head.

It is suggested that domestic water supply be replaced simultaneously.

Alarm panel will have to be upgraded (and possibly electric) to install sprinkler.

Basement storage room next to boiler room and the crawlspaces in the third floor at perimeter roof will need insulation to prevent sprinkler piper freeze.

There is around $800 cost savings if service entry is into laundry room and if site entry is installed simultaneous with basement Siamese feed.

If sprinkler is run in attic then non-freeze system is required (dry or antifreeze).

Alarm panel will need to be replaced to zone the panel to each floor and to add strobe/ horns to replace bells. The wiring is very old and predominately a one wire system. This old wire is not compatible with zoning per floor and strobes. A N.A.C. box could be attached to the panel to supply electric feed to strobes but needs to be investigated further.

Sprinkler work can be installed in phases but will increase the costs for both sprinkler and plaster/ painting contractors and affect activation of live saving coverage.

With the quantity of work in Champaign due to this code citations (see letters) cost of work will inflate with time and substantially.

Exploratory holes are required to verify routes especially at first and basement levels.

9.2 Recommendations
1. Review Code R-13 VS C-13 with insurance company and City of Champaign
2. Stabilize floor plan from master plan recommendation including study room upgrades; studio-dorm-pantry-kitchen revisions
3. When sprinkler is under taken plan on upgrade of other life safety issues such as fire blocking, stopping, caulk, fire doors and access panels.
4. Package of work Phase I - site (related only)
+ new water service: domestic and sprinkler
+ Site drainage - new drive and North terrace slope when water services trends are cut at these areas.
+ Replace damaged tile areaways (5 each) and clean existing tile at the same time for the exterior service is dug by backhoe.
+ Re-slope / trench to improve parking lot damage, load on North Terrace.
+ Raise west limestone terrace for positive drainage
+ Replace rotted R.R. tile rip/rap at drive
5. There are 2 options for entry: either into boiler room (desirable to consolidate mechanical) or into laundry room (about $1500 less expensive).

9.3 Notification Letter From City

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9.4 Status Update

> Phase II Sprinkler Work - COMPLETED!!!

Phase II drawings are now available for all. Click here to view the PDF files. (Please be patient as it may take some time to download depending on your connection speed.)

Part of the design/implemetation of the Phase II sprinkler plans was the idea of how to maximize income for the Chapter House. One thought was the ideas of hosting students attending summer programs at the U of I. One such program that is being considered is the Discover Architecture Program. Not only is the program compatible with this building type but also has potentials for future Alpha Rho Chi members without substantial disruption of the current use. A feasibility study has been conducted looking at this possibility.

A summary version will be available in the next edition of the Anthem, however if you would like to read more about the study, please click here to view the full documenation. (Please be patient as it may take some time to download depending on your connection speed.)

Any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me (Susan Nachtigall).

> Phase I Sprinkler Work - COMPLETED!!!

As stated in the Control Corporation update in the 06.2005 edition of the Anthem, the house is in dire need of infrastructure upgrades and the edition of a fire suppression systems is one of them.

Starting next month, phase one, the installation of the service entrance for the system. In order to ensure that we are looking at the big picture and not simply solving the problem of the moment, an inplementation committee has been formed to ensure that decisions are not being made in a vacuum. On September 14, 2006 the committee met for the first time to discuss the implementation of this phase. The agenda/scope which was discussed can be viewed here.

A summary of the discussion/decisions made can be reviewed here.

During Homecoming, Dave Lyons, treasurer of the Control Corporation, along with Susan Nachtigall, President of the Control Corporation, and Greg Hargus looked at the comments/concerns brought up by the implementation committee to determine the final scope of work to be bid for this phase. Based on the Control Corporation current financial status the following was deterined to be the final scope of work for phase 1.

Drawings have been submitted to bidders and reviewed by House and Ground Implementation Committee and Control Corporation and Alumni Association. Bid drawings can be review here.

>The following is a brief description of Base Bid Work for Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity:

1. New water supply lines for domestic service and automatic fire suppression trenched and backfilled from boiler room to City sidewalk, related back fill and Siamese (feed for fire department connection FDC)

2. Directional bore under First St. for new water lines and connections to water main in areaway across the street from the Chapter House

3. New water shut-off valve boxes at drive

4. Site work and drainage:
+ Excavate and lower drive approx 55' xl 1' x 1' and supply new gravel drive base
+ New concrete drive and steps from west terrace and replace diagonal stone sidewalk with new stone walk providing positive drainage at new walk
+ Partial west terrace grading and rip rap retention for privet hedge & west terrace to new lowered grade
+ Drainage ditch for JDC blow down and test location
+ Lower a window well #3 side wall and lower grade-to allow for install of future kitchen exhaust from future new kitchen exhaust hood
+ Siamese feed (for fire department connection /FDC)

5. Remove and salvage brick at damaged brick wing wall and pilaster of north egress door

6. Install bike rack and pea gravel bike parking area between Annex and Chapter house at end of drive and concrete brick edger

7. Haydite block repair of kitchen wall at north west corner and rebuild block at new penetrations at new water service entry.

8. Courtyard drainage & Upgrade
+ Remove and salvage brick courtyard prior to trenching for new water services
+ Excavate unsound earth
+ Back fill with CA6 base for new courtyard to new positive draining grades at courtyard and at basement areaway
+ Install new mortar set brick paver edger for courtyard perimeter
+ Install new pvc 4"drain tile and related basins-from parking lot, through courtyard, bike parking and to outlet at drive

>Alternate Bid Work is listed separately but includes:

+ Installation of new clean-outs for window well and downspout drain tiles at driveway

> Decision Explanation

Over the last 80 years multiple vintages of landscape, decorative rocks, and gravel drive overlays have basically created a logjam restricting water flow from and between the Chapter house and the Annex. The east brick terrace surface water flow needs to be redirected away from the courtyard. The window wells have plugged at the kitchen and is causing foundation damage and never provided for cleanout ability. The courtyard brick pavers have settled and this excessive water does not flow properly from the courtyard and has caused water damage in the Annex bedrooms of rental space and boiler room walls. The courtyard has a pleasant atmosphere and is an asset to both buildings as well as a major thoroughfare to class and parking and is a required stair exitway.

The existing domestic water line as only 1 1/4" service to the Chapter House and is substandard. It should be replaced with this new work.

As mandated by the City of Champaign Life Safety upgrade is required to the Chapter House to provide for the new automatic fire suppression. This above work and Phase 1 Life Safety Upgrade for the automatic fire suppression is recommended to be implemented in November 2006.

We would like to implement sustainable principles as much as possible with the upcoming work, (i.e green grass pavers instead of concrete in the driveway), but this is just something that we cannot afford at this time. If you have any other suggestions of funding or donation of materials that would allow us to proceed with a sustainable solution, please contact Susan Nachtigall, Anthemios Control Corporation President.