initially published November 15, 2005
last updated - 28 Jan 2007

5.1 Chronology

+ 1980: New rubber roof and clay tiles behind turret
+ 1987-88: Bid only $200,000 roof replacement with hitchins
Scope: New tiles and tear off west side
New rubber cricket at turret
Salvaged tiles and tear off east and north side
+ 1990-91: New rubber roof and clay tiles behind turret
+1990 (Aug): East side - eave ice and water shield and install new clay tiles. Rebuild hip replace missing tiles
+ 1991 (Oct): North Dormer - replace tiles new and balcony new rubber roof
+ 2003 (Sept): East side patch in missing tiles above dormers, repair active leaks in shed roofs. Standing seam
+ 2004 (Nov): West gable end upgrade and hip replacement

5.2 Overview
There are three active leaks in the closets Rooms/ Crawlspace: 11, 2, and squirrel hole at west chimney and large holes in tile east side below dormers at rooms 15 and 16. Wood deck was observed rotted in Rooms 16 and 17, shed roof.

In the year 1991 the Control Corporation purchased salvaged matching clay tiles rejected from the Dana house in Springfield from Raleigh Van Leigh: Belevedore, IL. It was also voted in Corp. Board meeting of 1992 that $4,000 would be spent annually on roof as a roof repair program is completed. Roof work was stopped in 1992 due to other demanding work until tenant complaint demanded repairs in 2003. CURRENTLY there are only 250 salvaged roof tiles remaining.

The current approach of repair and tile patch-in would work for a period of time provided the felt is in good condition and wood deck is solid. In general the felt appears to be in fair shape except at hip with holes and where extensive vandalism damage has occurred. EACH year that the damage on missing tiles are not replaced cause UV damage to felt, forces replacement complete.

EXTENSIVE Quantities of tiles are broken and missing on all sides of the roof. By not implementing the roof program, this is determining the future of the roof and “not to decide to decide.”

5.3 Recommendations

+ Agree on roof upgrade program
+ Purchase more salvage replacement tiles
+ Remove soffit/ leaves; hip and ridges at rear side and replace with salvaged tiles (save all orange colored tiles) use base lamented of 30# Felt and with ice/ water shield.
+ Rebuild valleys with new “W” copper on ice and water shield / salvage original tiles. Replace with salvage tiles
+ Replace turret copper flashing and chimney base flashing
+ Replace field tile with copper straps at inserts
+ After East and North sides complete use stockpiled tile to upgrade West side - remove and replace vallies and eaves with “ice and water shield” - OR- custom fabricate 5/8” x 6” x 12” tiles from Ludowichi - Celodon in Ohio to match existing at $250-$300/sq.
+ Flat roof will require new wood decking and an enduring new membrane at East side where vandalism is high.
+ The flat roof at north side and west side room 5 has a wrought iron railing which is in need of repair, prime and painting, and upgrade of metal anchorage and balustrade.

5.4 Conclusion
This would comply with National Register Guidelines.

1980’s Bids for full tear off and salvaged tiles reinstalled on West terrace sides and similar 6” x 12” x 1” red new (not custom to match) tiles install at rear side over new 30# and ice and water shield eaves and hip / ridges was sumelitted at bid price over $200,000 and bids rejected.

Most importantly, it is futile to upgrade the roof on the east side of the building unless vandalism is STOPPED. The approach to salvage from the rear (east) and reinstall on the front (west). It is the intent to use this repair method until a full roof restoration and replacement can be afforded.