Organization Goals

initially published November 15, 2005
last updated - 28 Jan 2007

13.1 Alumni Association
1. Determine opening procedures and summer closure required and check out annually, review suggestions
2. Monitor improvement/upgrade list and scope of work repair lists
3. Assess activities and monitor social events professional events/G.P.A
4. Re-assess-furnishings and library - audit inventory and security alarm
5. Implement and monitor educate active pledge project and get control corp. approval of project; no unapproved physical plant or elective changes without approval
6. Hire paid help for kitchen; hood, stove, floors, and yard weeding plant/bed maintenance
7. Research and analyze pledging/ rush process. Esp. FROSH/ SOPH
8. Maintain student contracts and implement penalties. Late rent notices/Log payment.
9. Assign Alumni Assn Committees:
+ Chapter advisor/ U of I requirements
+ Rush/ pledging
+ Prof. Chair / program chair
+ Physical plant House and Grounds / furnishings
+ Security/ tech chair, computer, and surveillance
10. Acknowledge contributions; National register pier, historical light.
11. Maintain house occupancy 9 mo. On U of I schedule / contract
12. Become chapter house and annex manager and lessor
13. Maintain U of I Housing and health standards, with upgrade work by Control Corp. only.
14. Act as Active Chapter Liason.
15. Develop interim plan for short term duties, responsibilities.
16. Others

13.2 Control Corporation
1. Develop an occupancy agreement and growth goals (see attached)
2. Active to set goals and become (develop checks and balance) responsible for their action.
3. Control Corp. to implement master plan and update/implement short range/maintain plans, and maintain U of I Standards.
4. Alumni Assn to develop checks and balance become responsible for house operation and maintenance by actives and programs/ committees, and to maintain U of I Standards.
5. Develop interim plan and long range plan for Alumni Assn to become lessor role; or manage of chapter house and annex, parking lot, laundry, pledge program and operations.
6. Alumni assn to obtain and maintain furniture and furnishings, library and educations resources, student room conditions, landscape and fence maintain.
7. Control Corp. to maintain building and building systems and life safety requirements, upgrade program per income and master plan.
8. Alumni Assn and Control Corp. to publish budgets (mutually workable) and meeting reports, and review master plan goals annually.
9. Study occupancy use and code classifications. Building use/current U of I status: program need (housing glut/ quality of living) study rooms, dormitory, parking, annex and amenities. “Understand our housing market.”
10. Adopt plan for code and sprinkler, and site related drainage, modification and space remodeling for Chapter House
11. Study City of Champaign Housing code changes for Annex.
12. Other

12.3.1 House and Ground Committee
To do wish list, short range 2003

1. Court yard patio - re-slope pavers, excavate drive, pour new areaway step
2. Replacement gutters east and at north east and adjust north and west
3. Basement water work: see sketch, tile over flow and clean-out, re-slope concrete/(done), caulk and tuck point at patio doors
4. Roof hopper vent for attic and turret ventilation/ exhaust vent
5. Roof phase III - IV - V and repair vandalized tiles east and ridges. Repair flat metal roof at north and west dormers and round tops.
6. Tuck point esp. east at men’s bathroom and replace window and sill 2nd story belt coarse, clay tile ledge at house perimeter entry tower limestone and keystone, boiler room wall, and north entry wing wall and rebuild cap. See masonrychimney upgrade
7. Men’s bathroom upgrade.
8. Replace women’s 2 toilets with power flush valve
9. Exterior light photo cell and wire upgrade at facade night illumination, and improve courtyard lights
10. New historic replica light fixture (west entry).
11. Re-slope grades at east side at proposed fence then courtyard brick terrace and drive after sprinkler site work
12. Clean heating convectors -registers
13. Survey room and schedule upgrades
14. Establish room occupancy requirements for semester and survey rooms.
15. Paint exterior windows at library and south and north side, glaze window and weather-strip/prime. Repair window hardware and front door frame
16. 3rd floor bathroom round top hardware, and other patio door and window hardware
17. Fire stop room 13 and boiler room at computer wire and plumbing chases at 2nd and 3rd floors
18. Vandalism/ interim policy and long range security system (or cameras).
19. Upgrade annex kitchen and expand latent space for / new bedroom.
20. Other