Exterior Masonry & Chimney Work

initially published November 15, 2005
last updated - 28 Jan 2007

4.1 Existing Conditions
General - There are 10 different bricks plus buff quoin. See skintling an sculling in National Registry nomination. Western brick texture wire cuts screed can not be supplied stock. Very hard brick and mortar. Settlement of limestone stair steps, spalling and cracks are visible.

4.2 Problem Locations
1. At drive subsoil- below grade; areaways and window wells and boiler room, rebuild hydite block at failures especially at ritual room, dining room, boiler and storage

2. Tuck point (TP), sills, limestone belt coverage, corbelled bay projection and tile, keystone at west entry

3. Rebuild west wall - tear down 6-10 coarse and K.O bricks below (salvage brick, rebuilt and point / new limestone cap and electric at light cap/ south windows)

4. Drive side excavate 3 locations - drain 4’-6’ rebuild block and brick boiler room and area step (add) one riser and 7” landing

5. Chimney - new wash caps, problem: severe spalling and mortar joint failure, annual/ season wash out of mortar is visible on one slab average spang. Water is leaking into powder room plaster walls ceiling spalling of plaster and moisture migrating. T.P., limestone cap at front elevation and metal cap at boiler room

+ Water sealant repellant
+ Replace broken brick; fill holes (see drawings for boiler room repairs and new cap)
+ East side Chimney - 2-3 severely worn brick sills - remove (salvage and replace bricks)
+ TP corner and various locations
+ South Chimney- TP - sever brick spalling TP / Bird hole
+ Chimney $2,500 each plus caps of various at $1000 - $2000 each, except for boiler will be more expensive.

6. Areaways - seal edges

+ replace one concrete after area drains replaced, add bell drains with removable lid/ raise curb at areaways to provide proper site slopes

7. West - Tower - copper counter flashing and gutter cricket wash-out wear at walls

+ entry balcony and keystone
+ cricket limestone wash out - sever joint wear - water is getting into the Brick of this chimney, bricks are spall and probably rooms 5 and 13 leak.

8. Other issues

+ Barn shallow / cap-cleaning -see chimney reports
+ All side clay tile ledge at wall thickness from approx 16” wall to 13” wall
+ Restore and re-slope / raise west limestone terrace with new granular base. Limestone step an north and west terraces - tear out and rebuild with new foundation reinstall wrought iron handrails
+East boiler chimney is in serious condition, there are three 18”-24” split/stair step on two sides in the upper 1/3 of the shaft and corbel failure. If repair is not made soon winter will cause extensive damage to chimney and roof.
+Flue damper at $800 - $1000 each or cap off water to fit and convert to energy efficient gas fire places for energy conservation. 11%/ flue of gas bill and fire safety.

9. North entry brick wall is in serious condition and can cause safety problems soon and is quickly reaching point of no return for repair. Excavation contractor expressed concerns of responsibility if new waterlines are installed.

10. Animal Invasion

+ Pigeons have returned
+ Bees and birds live in open chimney mortar joints / missing bricks
+ Squirrel have occupancy through mission tiles rotted fascias
+ 1 cat and 5 kittens live in chimney clean out pit/ 1 skunk and 1 opossum
+ See video of barn swallows and mud nests in chimneys