Electrical and Lighting

initially published November 15, 2005
last updated - 28 Jan 2007

7.1 General

+ The 200 amp panel is deficient and undersized service entry due to loads at existing basement panel, study rooms, or expansions for any reason is difficult due to this deficiency. If panel is replaced other electric codes must be met. There is a possibility that a new 200 amp service could be added for mechanical needs and later upgrade and clean-up the existing 200 amp service panel.

+ If non metallic domestic water services are accepted, a grounding field will be required for electric entry.

+ New sub panels at 2nd and 3rd floors do not have legal panel enclosures and connections: Quantity of outlet do not meet spacing or user needs. (Room #4) over loaded panels; over loaded boxes breakers at 2nd floor are 10 amps and did not shut down when fan melted. Many duplexes are loose or broken

+ Fire alarms / Strobes are required for handicap codes and the existing alarm panel is not expandable.

+ Wire ground out to conduits / some locations have positive load on white wire

+ Exterior lights - non -WP boxes are missing connectors and water proof wire; depth of wire below grade is substandard. Only 5 more hall/ stair lights are needed to complete lighting upgrade work.

+ Ceiling fans in study rooms - residential type; illegal mounting and lack grounding and proper wire switching

+ Basement and 1st floor old wire some are not grounded outlet / see sump pit

+ Space heaters are illegal in fraternities but used.

+ Several rooms; 4, 12 & 14, have closet lights that are improperly grounded.

+ The basement North stair and north exterior wall light wire is shorted to the conduit and cap off.

+ All closet lights that are incandescent need to be replaced with code required fluorescent fixtures and mounted at legal height. Incandescent lights in hall closets and study rooms are a fire hazard.

+ When the building meter is removed, the power company noted there is a 127 volt load on the building when only the main meter is shut off and 52 volts still remain when the sub-panels are shut off at the basement service hall. This load should be zero and is particularly dangerous during fire fighting procedures as well; the white wire maybe “hot”.

+ New electrical sub panels were added in the early 1990’s at the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors and panel face to cover splices should be custom fabricated to comply with NEC.

+ Other problems involve 3rd floor and some 2nd floor circuits that do not properly trip off under fault conditions and a faulty ceiling fan in room #2 did no cause circuit breaker to shut off in 2004. A light switch in room 14 caused an immediate fault. The basement disposals in the Kitchen do not have legal box connections.

7.2 Loads
Student electrical equipment is substanial in study rooms.  In 2005 the city inspector cited 13 violations due to excessive and improper extension cords.  This could cause insurance issues as well.