Sump Pump/Sub-Soil Drainage/Footing Tiles

initially published November 15, 2005
last updated - 28 Jan 2007

6.1 General
1. See site plan original plans
2. Repairs to north stair areaway in 2004 made these conditions better and revealed the following:

6.1.1 Footing Tile
There is at least one break (freeze thaw spall) which has been repaired twice. One the original day tile 4” ball and hub drainage. The footing tile at the west terrace plugs annually with tree roots and the clean out does not drain well now. This is the location at the greatest flood source into chapter room/ dining room. The south west clean out and north areaways also have either a tile break or plug.

6.1.2 Areaways and Drain Tile
There are 5 concrete window well area ways and two stair/ entry areaways with floor drains, the east (dining room) and north basement stair have had the area drains replaced and 4’ of plugged tile replaced with bell style drains and at 16” sq back-up drain added at the north basement stair. All of the other areaways are plugged with mud and dirt/gravel and drains have no bell or clean outs, these window well and areaways fill weekly with debris and cause plugging. Because these tiles are at shallow depths they incur a lot of spall damage during freeze thaw cycles. Replace the balance of tile at northern areaways for both tiles. Because these areaway drains have incorrect site damage (see site plan sketch / court yard) they receive too much water. All the area walls need work, they have moved and settled causing gaps and flood drain breakage. East area drain at dining room has one plugged line. 4” perf tile -installed in east yard to grade enclosure of adjacent lots. See site plan. Remove areaway curb extensions and replace with taller curb and seal areaways tight to building preventing landscape flow into areaways.

6.1.3 Sump Pit
Sump pit receives drainage from the areaways. Any debris build up flows from the drains to the interior pit. Dirt gathers into the pit causing blockage and heavy wear and tear on pump. The pit needs to be emptied, cleaned and reset pumps at lowered elevation. Commercial pump should replace these residential pumps and at third emergency back-up pump installed which is either battery or hydro siphon operation during power outage. The east dining room area drain has been capped to north flow and has voids under concrete slab.

When the broken sump discharge line was replaced in 2001 it was discovered that the north wall foundation was seriously damaged at area way steps (see exterior masonry).When the sump pump was replaced in 2004 entry lines were found completely blocked and tile exterior routes from areaway were found broken (see photos0 some tiles were replaced at north stair, however, it was clear that excavation there is a serious design flaw of the footing tile and areaways design and more tile replacement will be required. It is also clear that the tile is a high maintenance situation, that has caused damages.

The power supply of the pump is not ground nor basement, dining room and chapter ritual room regularly flood and room “0” serious mold mildew problems (Secured). Recommendations

1. Add sump pit alarm sensor for high water conditions (pump failure) to existing monitor system
2. Remove area drainage load from sump pit/review codes
3. Replace damaged area drainage and foundation tile and upgrade with proper clean-outs.
4. Install emergency back-up pump and replace existing residential pump with commercial pumps. Clean pit and reset pump elevation
5. Consolidate tile /pit work with concrete and site excavation sprinkler work package:
+ Sprinkler entry and drive entry, Siamese at location options selected by fire Chief
+ North terrace re-slope, driveway drainage; annex courtyard drainage. Step to basement areaway.
+ Raise grades revise slopes at north-west terrace at replace restore 3 limestone steps and foundation and handrail anchorage.
+ Upgrade areaway retaining walls and drain tile
+ Replace domestic water supply in common excavation trench.
+ Add secured mounting ground pump electrical
+ Air condition dehumidify basement to correct kitchen, pantry, canteen/ studio configuration.
+ Regular drain tile clean out of grates and bells, pits
+ Professional router of subsoil drainage of footing tile and areaway tiles especially with seasonal landscape growth
+ Rebuild foundation walls with excavation where damaged.