initially published November 15, 2005
last updated - 28 Jan 2007

12.1 Goals/Priorities
Note: If any work is accomplished the work program should implement all work consistent with the direction of the selected master plan.

+ Not listed nor estimated: repair and maintenance; landscape care; cleaning,

12.1.1 First Priority – Immediate Goals
1. If item of work could produce income with a cash flow pay back of less than 2 year period, or latent space expansion, or energy upgrade
2. Any structure of life safety / Health Code related issue
3. Active leak related to exterior membrane, ie. Roof or basement leak or plumbing leak
4. Any repair item which will cause operation to stop or income to be reduced

12.1.2 Short Range Goals
1. A deferred repair or upgrade which affects operation or appearance
2. Exterior membrane maintenance program ie. Roof and tuck pointing
3. Remaining life safety / health citations or "Grandfather" code issues Medium range Goals

12.1.3 Medium Range Goals
1. When minor repairs are deferred and expense increase as time lapses
2. Deferred upgrade which can compound and will cause future cash problems ie.: if sprinkler repair is not implemented in a phased basis; (the 1st Step: of installing water service and Siamese to exterior 2nd Step: riser the; 3rd Step: distribution / sprinkler heads)

12.1.4 Long Range Goals
+ Expansion / Upgrade - Improvements which retain building integrity yet meets new user needs and long range plan

12.2 PART I: Defers and Band Aids

12.2.1 Legend
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12.2.2 Summary
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12.2.3 Budget
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12.3 Part II: Wish List
12.3.1 Description Possible Space Upgrades

1. Kitchen: Walls, Floor, Ceiling Storage cabinets, soffits, SP, AC

2. Pantry/Room 0: Walls, Floor, Ceiling Storage cabinets, soffits/Convert to Multipurpose room or Computer room with wireless/ Storage room and video surveillance racks; SP; AC

3. Laundry: Add storage, Laundry shelving; SP; AC; Service bathroom and mop storage sink

4. Chapter Room: SP; AC; New archival storage; ritual closet upgrade

5. Dining Room: Restore and rebuild mortar at walls, SP, AC, Electric and lighting, Switches 4 gang; Rebuild oak veneer pair doors

6. TV Room: Convert to Directors Apartment; SP; AC

7. Study Room 12, 13, 17: SP; AC

8. Attic: Insulate and build wall with fire door/rated drop stair; Upgrade structure for AC

9. Closets:
+ Rooms 5 to 13 and 15, 16: Repair base, walls, and ceilings
+ Room 1-17: Upgrade floors
+ All: Storage System Shelving
++ Option 1 – Standard
++Option 2 – Heavy duty and flexible House Security/Alarm System
1. Add upgrade to existing: Basement and 1st floor

2. Add motion sensors at 2ndfloor and 3rdfloor to existing

3. New internal “Night shut down” at exterior doors, basement/1stfloor windows and add panel at director's unit

4. Add zoned alarm sensor to Ricker Library and glass case Key System
1. Upgrade master key to 5 rooms

2. New entry doors at study and computer room key system Exterior
1. Rebuild wood shutter – rebuild dado at corners

2. New historic entry light service and replace facade illumination

3. New building address and building letters

4. New National Register Pier – 2 new plaques

5. Landscape Rear
+ new slopes, pea gravel and rose plants (see drawing);
+ steps to replace RR ties;
+ rebuild east brick terrace with positive drainage;
+ plant Colorado Spruce (8) and Arborvitae (see fence plan)

6. Complete exterior security fence

7. West Terrace
+ Privet hedge expanded and upgrade
+ Rebuild 3 limestone stairs & brick
+ Raise terrace and upgrade drainage
+ Crest Pedestal (see photo)
+ Tree crab orchard and 2 bench seats Equipment and Furniture
1. Drapes/blinds at 1stand basement floors

2. House computer, file cabinet, printer, telephones

3. Library furniture and study lights

4. Director's room furniture

5. Study room furniture B,D,C x 34 each/Dorm Bunks

12.3.2 Budget
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